The #1 Strategy for Weight Loss Maintenance is . . .

8 03 2011

Sam Zizzi

Sam Zizzi

Daily monitoring of food intake is the best strategy. I know, I know – this process is not fun, but trust me – it works! And after the first couple of weeks, the process gets a lot easier to manage. There are two key reasons this strategy works. First, keeping track of everything you eat and drink ensures that you are mindful of every decision you make and the timing of these decisions. You can learn a lot about your eating patterns by collecting this information for a couple of weeks and discussing it with your RD or one of our health behavior counselors. The second reason it works is accountability. Frankly, the logs keep you honest and allow for accurate goal setting and evaluation. Check out the links section for a few examples of where you can log your intake and exercise online. These sites can be very useful because they analyze all of your intake and give you “results.” If, however, you want to do this process in a simpler way, just write down everything in on a sheet of paper or in a small notebook keeping each day separate. Then, share your results with your RD or your behavioral counselor next time you see them. You may find that this process, although time consuming, will help you achieve your goals by committing a few minutes each day.




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