Exercise is not a choice . . .

4 04 2011

Exercise is not a choice, so let’s just enjoy it!

Amy Blackshire
Amy Blackshire

Last week I finally set everything more appealing aside and did my dishes and laundry that I had been putting off all week due to a busy schedule with work, exercise, and odds and in tasks. I persevered until the tasks were complete, and felt so relieved when they were finished. I felt as though I would never have to do dishes or laundry again, I was finished. Now, four days later I realize that once again, there are dishes in the sink and laundry to put away. Then it dawned on me– these necessary tasks are continuous, and will never be complete, so maybe I should acknowledge this on the front end and try to tune in to anything that I may enjoy about the tasks to make things easier on me in the future and to keep a tidy home.

Just as washing dishes and doing laundry isn’t really a choice that I have to make, neither is exercise. In fact, exercise is necessary for our well-being, and for our success in caring for our families. What are we communicating to our loved ones and ourselves when we put exercise on the back burner? Are we saying, “My life isn’t important enough for me to change into my tennis shoes and go to the gym for 3 hours per week (3/168 hours in one week = 1.7% of my time). Of course, we are not consciously thinking about these things when we decide that going home and lying on the couch under a blanket is more appealing than stopping by the gym after work. Those are natural thoughts that we all have. But is it far off when we really think about it? We know that healthy individuals should get some kind of exercise on most days of the week (ideally 300-minutes per week), whether it be at the gym or maybe just taking a 30-min speed walk around the neighborhood or our local mall. We want to be healthy, so let’s just do it and enjoy it!

But what if we haven’t found enjoyment in exercise yet? Maybe the answer is to acknowledge on the front end that exercise is in fact *NECESSARY* and help ourselves out by sucking it up and agreeing to tune in to any positive feelings that may arise within us as a result of physical activity. Studies show that individuals who enjoy something about exercise whether it be the stress relief, the challenge of pushing past one’s comfort zone, or maybe the delayed results that it produces such as a nice figure, are healthier than those who do not, because if they enjoy exercise they are more likely to do it continuously. I realized that doing dishes and folding laundry is a nice time for me to relax my mind and reflect on my day. Now let us see what we can find in exercising!





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10 04 2011

Very interesting read

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