Getting the results you want and deserve is within your control

21 04 2011

Life is full of ambiguity and uncertainty, and we are never really sure what kind of monkey wrenches might be thrown our way. While many things in life are out of our control, we can be sure that one thing is in our control—the effort we put forth in making ourselves healthy. The level of effort that we put into living healthy through exercise and good nutrition will yield relative results for us.

If we put in minimal effort (i.e. exercising occasionally and continuing to eat as we always have), then we can expect with certainty minimal results (i.e. little or no weight-loss); we will stay the way we currently are. Stepping things up a bit however, such as meeting minimum program requirements of exercising at the gym twice per week and focusing more on our nutrition choices and how many calories we are consuming will result in further weight-loss results for us. Most people that follow such a plan find that they lose approximately 5-12lbs across three months.

The real rewards however, seem to come for us when we choose to increase our efforts by exercising at the gym 3-4 times per week, keep some kind of food log such as a notebook or an online food logger so we consistently stay within our total daily calorie goal, and look for ways to be physically active throughout the rest of the week. Physical activity outside of the gym can consist of walking outside or at the mall, maintaining a fast pace as we clean our houses for 30-minutes, or popping in our favorite exercise DVD during down time. Individuals who put forth this level of effort find that they lose anywhere from 12-35lbs across three months, which is a great start for progressing toward our ultimate goals. Log your exercise for a week and see how you compare against the recommended 300-minutes of physical activity per week.

Isn’t it refreshing that we actually do have control over our health? Changing our lifestyles can be overwhelming, as we have grown accustomed to unhealthy ways of living for so many years. But there is no time like the present to start making small changes. If you have been meeting minimum requirements of the program, maybe now is the time for you to incorporate an extra day, or increase the intensity at which we are exercising. Let’s be purposeful in setting ourselves up for success by doing things such as packing gym clothes and shoes in our cars, making sure we eat every 3-4 hours throughout our day so we have plenty of energy to get in a workout before going home, or by making sure we go to bed at a decent hour so we can wake up and exercise before work.

Let’s discuss with our spouse/family members when we plan to exercise and what will be our plan for dinner, so they can help us make this happen. Let’s sow our seeds for healthy living by increasing our efforts, so we can enjoy the fruit that we reap, which is a healthy, happy, and long life with the ones we love.




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