Meet Liz – Our New Team Member!

11 08 2011

Liz Gilchrist

When I think about concepts that have had a lasting impact on my life, there are very few above fitness and self-care. I have been, and remain excited to learn new tools that enhance my quality of life, and pass those on to others. I am Liz Gilchrist, a Health Behavior Counselor, and the most recent addition to the PEIA Weight Management team.

I remember a time when running meant a large animal was chasing me. Although my parents were active, I was not an athlete in school and generally ate whatever I wanted. While it was an easy way to live, I remember thinking, pretty often in fact, I could probably feel “better.”

Whether it be to eat less fast food, drink more water or attempt to break a sweat, I thought “I will get to that…someday.” Then I got stressed! There was a level of anxiety I could not beat. No food could take it away, and no medicine could cure it. I had a choice. I had to do something different.

That is when I bought my first pair of running shoes. I started with short distances. Very short distances, but with time I gained stamina and realized something. I looked forward to running. It was the one thing I knew I was doing for me. And doing so became non-negotiable. Like a doctor’s appointment, I had my runs scheduled.
Over time, I realized that when I worked out, and ate well, my body thanked me. I would have great runs after making healthier choices and I’d feel better about myself for having done so. I got my friends involved and improved relationships with those I cared about through being a positive role model. I encouraged others to partake in this cost efficient, no medication required, mood enhancer brought on by exercise and increased by healthy food. That leads me to paying it forward to members of the Weight Management Program.

The concept of “taking good care” is very important to me, and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with members of the PEIA Weight Management Program in making positive lifestyle changes to improve physical capabilities, increase self-esteem and self-efficacy, as well as enrich overall wellbeing. However, change takes time. My hope is that I can help with making lifestyle changes and overcoming obstacles easier, while encouraging others to take life as a marathon, rather than a sprint.




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11 08 2011
Amy Blackshire

Welcome Liz!!

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