Have you considered working out while you are at work?

9 09 2011
Sam Zizzi

Sam Zizzi

One of the biggest barriers participants talk about in our phone consultations is struggling to make it to the gym 2-3 times per week. These opportunities to interact with our excellent exercise professionals can be really valuable, and your participation of gym-based exercise at least twice a week is required to continue in the program.

However, if you are only making it to the gym twice per week, that leaves five days with potentially no commitment to your physical activity habits. How do you think your food intake would work out if you really only focused on eating well for 2 days out of 7? Not good.

So, one alternative is to be more mindful of getting some physical activity in while you are at work. We often advocate walking during your breaks, or at lunch, and this can be an excellent choice. Another alternative that you could try are some basic exercises that you can do at your desk, or even at home in front of your TV. The idea is to break up your periods of sitting so that you are not totally sedentary for more than 2-3 hours at a time. Even a short walk of 5-10 minutes or completing this set of exercises can burn calories and change your energy level for several hours.

Give them a shot and let us know what you think. I’ve tried them all, and if you do all of them at once, you can expect to break a light sweat. The whole group of 12 takes about five minutes. If any of them cause pain or significant discomfort, just skip that one and move on to the next.




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14 09 2011

Or, why not work out on your way to work? Transit users get, on average, 70 more minutes of moderate physical activity per week than non-transit users. Bicycling to work is the only way I, with two children under 3, fit in activity on a daily basis. It feels great! Join me.

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