Your Health Never Takes a Break

13 09 2011

Jessica Peacock

Sometimes it’s inevitable that you will have to slow down and miss some gym time. Unfortunately, illness and injury happen to all of us now and then, and extended visits out of town also prevent many WMP members from getting to the gym from time to time. However, there are lots of other life events that can be barriers to prioritizing exercise and healthy eating, such as increased work responsibilities, the ailing health of family members, relationship stressors, and others. There is a big difference though between it being NECESSARY to miss your workouts at the gym and it being EASIER to let exercise slide.

If you break your foot and the doctor prescribes bed rest for 6 weeks, you HAVE to stop your normal workouts. (Side note: you can still monitor your eating habits and turn more attention to better food choices!)

If your boss assigns you to a big project and you’re feeling overwhelmed with work, you can CHOOSE to let exercise and healthy eating take a backseat, but you certainly don’t HAVE to take a break from it altogether.

And that is a key lesson for any of us who not only want to lose weight and improve our health, but maintain these positive changes long-term: While you can take a break from focusing on your health and weight management, YOUR WEIGHT AND HEALTH WILL NEVER TAKE A BREAK!

This is why it is so important to teach yourself how to identify and overcome your barriers, rather than just put your healthy habits on hold until life becomes easier to manage and deal with. Life stressors will always pop up! If you allow yourself to stop focusing on eating right and exercising, it is likely that you will regain weight, have difficulty getting back into a routine down the road, and then be frustrated at how hard it is to try and pick back up where you left off. Even worse, this can turn into a repetitive cycle of yoyo dieting and inconsistent exercise that will make weight loss even harder over time. If your health is important to you, then keeping up with these things is something you make a priority, no matter what.

Every time you put your good eating and exercise habits on hold, you are sending the message to yourself that you, your health, and your happiness are not as important as the stressors you face. But YOU are important! Prove to yourself that you are worth the hard work it takes to continue when things get difficult and the rewards you experience when you do.

Your health won’t take a break, so don’t take a break from your health!




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