Don’t get Tricked by Halloween Treats

7 10 2011

Jessica PeacockHalloween is a holiday that many people overlook when planning for their weight loss goals. However, there can be several challenges associated with the “spookiest” day of the year that might derail many participants from their healthy eating habits. Lots of us end up with excess candy lying around the house either because we bought too much for trick-or-treaters or our own children have scored lots of yummy loot that tempts us for days or weeks to follow.

Start thinking now about what you can do to stay on track over Halloween, and have your plan ready before all the ghosts and goblins show up at your door. Here are a few strategies that might help curb candy overload:

– Purchase candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters that you don’t like; this way you can give it out freely and won’t be tempted to keep any at home to snack on later.

– Choose healthy snacks to give out. Some options might include small packages of raisins, apples, granola bars, or other nutritious treats. Sure, kids might not be as happy with these choices, but you’ll feel good knowing you provided them with a better option than sugary, high-calorie candy!

– Give away excess treats. If you end up with lots of extra candy after the trick-or-treaters leave, get it out of the house quickly! Donate it to co-workers, give it to neighbors, or even throw it away – but don’t let it stay in the house, as you’ll be more likely to snack on it.

– Set limits on candy consumption – for you and your kids. There’s no reason NOT to indulge in a sweet treat or two around Halloween; that’s part of the fun of the holiday! However, you can help your children establish healthy habits themselves by focusing on eating Halloween treats in moderation. Consider letting kids have 2-3 pieces of candy the first night, and then limit them to 1 piece per day after that. Then, practice what you preach and do the same! This will teach your children how to enjoy candy and sweets without overdoing it.

– Finally, get out there and move! Don’t drive your kids around to trick-or-treat; walk! This will help all of you burn more calories through the night in order to better enjoy a few pieces of candy. You might even use a tool like the food journal on to help you figure out how many calories you need to burn through walking in order to indulge in a few of your favorite Halloween treats.

Have fun this Halloween and be safe – but don’t let the spirit of the season get in the way of your weight loss goals!




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10 10 2011

My parents had a “tricky” way of getting rid of the candy my brother and I would get. We would get to keep about 5 treats, but leave the rest on the back porch and the “Great Pumpkin” would visit, taking our candy and leaving a nice new book or toy! We now do the same for our children!

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