Combatting Winter Woes

31 10 2011

Liz Gilchrist

As the season has begun to change to cooler weather and shorter periods of daylight, many participants have stated their concerns about maintaining momentum with both nutrition and exercise. It is easy to get trapped in a rut of letting self-care slide to the back burner; however it is imperative to consider how the habits you’ve established within the program can lessen the burden of the dreaded winter blues.

The simplest way to combat the urge to meander down the path of no exercise is to continue your routine at the fitness center. While it may be tempting to drive past the gym and relax on the couch, this choice only leads to justification and increased potential to continue to skip workouts. Scheduling, setting phone reminders, keeping workout clothing on hand and communicating goals for exercise to others, are just a few ways to keep on track with your exercise routine.

In addition to maintaining regular exercise, nutrition is vital to staying in a positive state of mind, even when convenience seems to be the best way to satisfy your hunger. Our appetites tend to change, just like the weather, leading us to comfort foods that can result in extreme fatigue. To best defeat the lack of energy, a protein rich breakfast can be a great tactic to increasing and maintaining high energy throughout the day.

While you may want to gravitate toward the coffee pot or 20 oz sodas, you should consider decreasing caffeine, despite the urge to gulp down a pot of coffee. So switch out your mug for a bottle of water. This will not only prevent an energy crash, but reduce the intake of empty calories.

Still struggling to make the choice to stick with your routine? Here are a few quick ideas to increase your positivity during the winter months. Try walking outside on brisk days when the sun is out, even if it is for only a few minutes. Doing so will increase your Vitamin D levels, which can have a significant impact on positive well-being and improve sleep patterns. Remember a few blogs ago when you were informed that developing an exercise regimen helps to reduce stress and can act as a natural anti-depressant? This holds true particularly in the winter.

Seek out foods that will help you to feel better. A nutritional plan including lots of fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates including whole grains, as well as lean proteins, can provide immense relief through the absorption of needed vitamins and minerals. Consuming a balanced diet alone has the power to reduce depressive symptoms by one-third.

Help yourself to make this winter different than in the past. You are already taking small steps to make lasting changes. Don’t let the season interrupt your quest to feel your best and live your best life. You deserve to think positively and feel good about your choices.




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3 11 2011

Empowering… Thank you… 🙂

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