You Gotta Believe

6 03 2012

Jessica Peacock

Have you seen the commercials for Weight Watchers with Jennifer Hudson? If you haven’t you must be living under a rock, because they are on constantly! While I get tired of seeing them so frequently, I do think the message Jennifer Hudson is singing is very appropriate and worth discussing here.

“If you want it you got it, you’ve gotta believe. Believe in yourself.”
Those are the words Jennifer Hudson sings in the commercials. You’ve got to believe. I agree with this 100% – if you don’t believe in yourself and believe that weight loss and better health are possible for you, then you will probably not be successful. Belief is a large part of success!

Self-efficacy is a term that means having confidence in your ability to do something, such as lose weight or exercise. Many of us who try to lose weight lack the self-efficacy or the belief that we can actually be successful and lose the weight we want to lose. Well, if you don’t believe that you can actually do something, guess what? You probably won’t! If you don’t truly think you can lose weight, then you will act in ways that prevent you from being successful. You probably won’t track your food consistently, won’t work out as hard as you could, and won’t put in as much effort as you’re capable of. And these actions will directly affect your success.

I know many of you have probably tried and failed many times to lose weight by now, and this can definitely impact your confidence and belief that you can be successful. But I challenge you to rise above these negative thoughts. Losing weight is hard, and most of us who are successful at it have to try many times before we figure out what works! But we can all lose weight and be successful as long as we set our minds to what we need to do and have belief in ourselves. Like Jennifer Hudson says, “I am you. You are me.” If she could do it, you can do it. Believe in yourself, and believe that you can be successful!

Tell yourself positive messages.
Set short-term goals.
Get support.

These things will all help you start to build the self-efficacy that you can lose weight. When you reach one small goal, you will be proving to yourself that you CAN do it. Building confidence and self-efficacy takes time, but it can’t happen unless you open yourself up to the possibility that if you want it, you got it. You gotta believe.




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