Danger Lurking Around Every Corner

15 03 2012

Danger is everywhere.

Christiaan Abildso

Little did I know what I was in for at a recent fast food stop with my family while traveling. We hit a well know fast food chicken chain for some grilled chicken and waffle fries. I knew that stopping for fast “food” was dangerous and what those choices for the meal entailed – calories and grease. BUT, I was unaware of the danger lurking in the drink choice. Obviously soda was out; diet soda too – too many chemicals and calories in those for my liking.

So, how about a nice cup of “fresh squeezed lemonade” – sounds like a nice, fresh drink with lemons floating in a pitcher of water, to savor while sitting on the porch swing watching the sunset, right? WRONG! It turns out my drink had as many calories as my chicken sandwich. Seriously – a 400 calorie drink that isn’t soda!? The calorie content was posted in the restaurant – not near the counter where I made my decision, but near the table where I sat – too late!

Remember, it’s the little seemingly insignificant choices that really add up over weeks and months as we make changes to our lifestyles. Be wary, danger is lurking around every corner. My advice is to a) avoid fast food; or b) if you want to splurge, do your research ahead of time online. A good soldier does his or her reconnaissance work ahead of time. Learn from my mistake…failing to plan is a plan to fail.




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