Jessica’s Journey, Part 2

4 04 2012

Jessica Peacock

 Recently I shared my own weight loss experience. Well, after making positive changes and creating a healthy lifestyle over the last several years, things have recently changed quite a bit and I thought I’d update everyone and share my new journey in weight maintenance…

As some of you may know, I recently had my first child – a daughter who was born on Christmas Eve. While her birth has been one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences of my life, it has come with many challenges that I know lots of you are already familiar with.

Having children (especially an infant) makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle that much more difficult. I no longer have the free time to dedicate to nutritious eating and exercise that I once did, and this has been a pretty tough transition for me! However, I am determined to continue to be as healthy as I can; even if it means I am less active than I was before. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned over the last few months since my daughter joined our lives:

1. Some is absolutely better than none! While I enjoyed the luxury of working out at my gym five days a week before my daughter was born, this is fairly impossible now. However, rather than just give up because making time is more difficult,  I’ve adjusted my goals and tried to stay flexible. My goal is now to get some type of physical activity every other day, and if I can make it to my gym 2-3 times in the week I feel pretty accomplished. On the days when it is really hard to get to the gym or the local trail, I still try to walk my dogs or do some light weight lifting at home using a set of free weights we have – this is especially fun since my daughter can watch, or I can incorporate her and do some exercises using her as a weight! 🙂

2. Get support! I am very lucky to have a husband who knows how important regular exercise is, and he does what he can to help make sure I get in 30 minutes here and there. However, I have had to ask him for help and express my needs to him – this way he knows exactly how he can help me and make sure that I am taken care of in the same way we take care of our new baby. My health and sanity are still priorities, even though they’ve fallen slightly on the list.

Support from family, friends, and coworkers has also been instrumental to our healthy eating. Lots of people helped out by bringing us healthy dishes in the first month, and this type of support was crucial to eating well with a new baby.

3. Plan ahead! Any of the WMP members who have spoken with me before know how important I think planning is to success, and this has only been reinforced to
me over the last three months. It has been very helpful for me to think ahead about my week and identify times when I can both go to the store to stock up on healthy foods as well as get a quick workout in. I also plan to cook large meals on the weekends so that we have plenty of leftovers for the week, when time is harder to come by.

Despite my best efforts at planning though, I have found having a back-up plan and being flexbile is also super important. Even my best intentions don’t come to fruition sometimes, so I’ve had to be forgiving of myself and a bit creative. Fitting in exercise here and there is a challenge, but I often have a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C, so I know somehow I’ll get it in!

Maintaining my healthy lifestyle has absolutley been harder since having a child. However, I remain committed to doing whatever I can to stay active and meet the guidelines for healthy eating and physical activity. And that is what is often most important to success – your own determination! With a healthy dose of planning ahead and some good solid hard work, I know I can still make good choices and set a good example for our daughter. Haing kids, like weight loss, is hard, but worth it!




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