Stand up to the Epidemic

29 05 2012

Recently, HBO presented The Weight of the Nation, a four part series that investigates the impact of obesity on American society. Detailed information is presented about health risks, educational tools for healthy living, obesity and America’s children and the challenges for future consideration.  We found this information to be so important and applicable to participants that we have created a few links for educational purposes and to promote healthy living for EVERYONE.

We encourage you to check out this brief video discussing the health risks associated with obesity. For some, this information may be familiar, but for others, we hope this is a wake-up call. Too often we forget the healthy choices we DON’T make today will lead to the destruction of our health tomorrow.

Being part of the Weight Management Program means that you have chosen to take control of your future health and overall quality of life. This brief video provides a great, easy to follow plan of action that is realistic for ALL participants when it comes to weight loss tips.

Another very important part of healthy living for a lifetime includes routine, structure and maintenance. As a Health Behavior Counselor, I am often asked why it is so difficult to maintain weight loss. The clip below helps to put the pieces together when it comes to the long term goal of maintenance. They key point is that after losing weight, your metabolism is not the same. To maintain weight loss for the long term, you need to either eat 20% less, or eat 10% less and exercise 10% more than friends and family with no prior weight loss history. While this task may seem daunting, it is worth it. Remember that nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

We are hopeful that you will take some time to review the series online at If you find the information useful, we ask that you pass the information along. The obesity epidemic in America is a societal, not individual issue. Knowledge is power and a simple suggestion or educational nugget can have a tremendous impact on those around you.




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