Time to Talk about Time

4 06 2012

Jessica Peacock

The largest reported barrier to a healthy lifestyle is lack of time. With busy careers and family lives, most people struggle to fit in eating well and getting in the recommended amount of exercise each day. However, this lack of time problem is not always reality – it is more often a perception. We feel like we lack time in the day to dedicate to our (and our loved one’s) health, but when examined closely, most people have more time available for these than they realize.

To fit exercise and healthy eating into our daily lives we must first make it a priority. When health and wellness become priorities, it is easier to MAKE the time to exercise and to cook nutritious meals. Do you know how much time you actually have in a day, and the amount of time that you spend on your health? Here is an example of an average person’s day:

One day = 24 hours = 1,440 minutes
Sleep: 8 hours = 480 minutes
Work: 8 hours = 480 minutes
Commuting: 25 minutes
Bathroom/Hygiene: 30 minutes

So, in a given day, about 1,015 minutes are taken up by our basic functions. This leaves 425 minutes, or about 7 hours left in the day. How do you choose to spend these hours? Sure, some of them will likely be taken up by things like helping kids with homework or running errands, but 7 hours still leaves a lot of room for cooking nutritious meals or getting in 30-60 minutes of exercise. Unfortunately, one way too many of us spend this time is in front of a computer or television. In fact, the average American spends 3 hours per day (180 minutes) in front of a screen. Think of how much extra time you might have if you put the remote down or logged off of Facebook!

The next time you start to feel like you don’t have any time, ask yourself this: do I really not have time to exercise, or am I allowing other things to take priority over my health?

Exercise only needs to be 30-60 minutes out of your day – and you have 1,440 minutes at your disposal. The choice is yours!




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