Break on Through

12 06 2012

Liz Gilchrist

Whether you have found yourself stuck at a plateau or a little nervous about meeting your goal by vacation, here are some tips to help you move forward with your fitness for summer.

I know I sound like a broken record, but food journaling works. If you feel as though you are doing everything possible when it comes to healthy nutrition, then this should be no problem. Often it is when we know there is more to be done that we avoid being consistent.

The truth is that when you take the time to log for your own accountability, you are going to be more aware of your habits, promote confidence, gain insight into your choices and have a better chance of seeing improvements in your measurements.

So if you are not doing so already, reconsider a food log.

If you are thinking of logging your nutrition using pen and paper, it may be helpful to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to establish the number of calories you need per day to sustain life and bodily functions.

If you are interested in calculating your BMR, the link below is a good place to start. We recommend you use this number as a discussion point with your Dietician to assist in establishing a dietary prescription that is right for you (not that you do so without their supervision).

Want the ease of technology doing the work for you? Provided are a few links to FREE calorie and exercise tracking sites that work for participants in the program. These sites also offer great online community support and additional resources.

I hear many participants talk about the benefits of water, but they struggle to make drinking it a priority. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, which means that you could be consuming unnecessary calories. Who needs another obstacle in their way? Make it a point to drink water throughout the day, even if you have to set reminders.

Watch the empty calories. If you are drinking soda, sweetened tea, alcohol and even fruit juice, you could be getting more than you bargain for. Most beverages, particularly the ones mentioned, are going to be packed with sugar, and 20 ounces can range between 200-300 calories. Over the course of a day, these calories can quickly add up, leading to weight retention or gain. I repeat, drink more water. You could save hundreds, maybe even 1000 calories per day!

Increasing exercise is essential to breaking through a plateau. Add a walk in the evenings, or consider hitting the gym an additional day per week. Invest in a new workout outfit, shoes or gadget that spikes your motivation to exercise. Feeling confident during exercise promotes results.

Talk to your trainer about switching things up! Our bodies get used to our day to day routine and we have to be thinking to stay ahead of the game. Ever find that you are bored with exercise? YOUR BODY IS SAYING THATWHEN YOU HAVE HIT A PLATEAU!!

Step out of your comfort zone and check out the class schedule at your fitness facility or sign up for a local 5K.

Recruit friends and loved ones to exercise with. This does not mean they too have to exercise at the fitness center. Their help can be a supplement to your current routine. Ask a co-worker to take a walk during lunch or bike through the park with your kids. Every minute of exercise counts and it’s important to make those minutes enjoyable.

Obsessing about the number on the scale is not going to make it move any faster. Focus on the other benefits of exercise.

Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking.

Take time to plan your meals and schedule your workouts.

Be realistic and set small attainable goals.

Be your own best friend and cheerleader!




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