Beware of Vacation Sabotage!

31 07 2012

Myia Welsh

Summer is prime time for vacations from work and school – as it should be! Time out for fun in the sun doesn’t have to mean WMP sabotage. It’s discouraging to come back from a fantastic trip, only to be disappointed by weight gain. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and maintaining that progress is important.

The key to a gain-free vacation is planning. Take just a moment to think through some of the strategies you can use to stay active and keep your nutrition on track while you’re away from your regular routines. Consider some of the following suggestions:

1. Keep the hidden calories to a minimum by staying someplace where you can prepare some of your own meals.

2. Pack healthy snacks for your trip. Things like nuts and fruit travel well, and provide a better alternative to fast food on car trips and in airports.

3. Choose restaurants in walking distance, if possible.

4. Stay someplace with a gym and keep up with your normal workout routine.

5. Stay active! Evening walks on the beach are so wonderful they hardly feel like exercise. Try racing your kids in the pool or hiking a new trail.

6. If you’re staying in a resort area, learn a new sport while you’re there!

7. Sight see on foot. Many cities offer walking tours of major attractions.

8. Traveling by airplane? Got 45 minutes before boarding? Walk the concourse for 15 minutes.

9. Ask your trainer for suggestions on adapting your work out for your vacation plans.




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