Making the Most of the WMP

8 08 2012

Liz Gilchrist

Now that I have been working with participants in the Weight Management Program for a little more than a year, I have had the pleasure of speaking with hundreds of people about their quest of living a healthier lifestyle.

However, I have been hearing a rather consistent message that many participants wished they had been more engaged and committed during their first year. Does this sound like you?

Like anything, it is easy to look at the structure of the WMP and think, “I’ve got two years, which is a long time.” And don’t get me wrong, it is, but getting lost in the “time trap” will not lead to optimal results with lifestyle change.

To assist with brainstorming strategies to make the most of your first year, I spoke with a participant (age 55) about to enter Phase II. Since she decided to commit to the program (which she  reported pondering for months), she has made many strides, not only with weight loss, having lost 10% of her body weight, but she has substantially improved her medical profile and is in the best shape of her life.  

Here are her tips for taking advantage of the WMP opportunity:

– Find the DESIRE in YOU and DECIDE this is what you want.

– Push yourself!

– Have realistic expectations!

– There is no miracle to success. It is HARD WORK!

– Most importantly: DO IT FOR YOU!

Other ways to embrace the opportunity to live your best life in the program during your first year.

– View exercise as a GIFT. Your body is a temple. Treat it as such and you will be rewarded.

– Find what works for you and DO IT! If you become bored with your exercise plan or find that you have hit a plateau, seek support and insight from staff in the program.

– Take advantage of ideas! Build your toolbox, make a plan, prepare and stick with it. This goes for both exercise and nutrition. PREPARATION IS OUR BEST DEFENSE! And it is key to establishing lifelong habits.

–  Finally, no one has EVER regretted living a healthy life. NEITHER WILL YOU!




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