My Best Was Never Good Enough

11 09 2012

Pete Kadushin

Most of us are familiar with the weight loss equation.  Burn more calories than you take in and you’re on the road to weight loss.  Unfortunately, most people don’t know about another important equation.  Motivation in has to be greater than the energy we put out, and when it isn’t, we can end up feeling like our best just wasn’t good enough.  Let’s go into this a little deeper…

So often, we reach into our motivational piggy bank to help get us off the couch, or to make a healthy dinner on a night when it would be much easier just to eat out.  This is an essential part of getting started and continuing to be successful in the program.  But just like the piggy bank you had when you were a kid, if you keep taking money out without ever putting more in, eventually our motivation will start to run out.  When it does, it becomes much harder to start making new changes, and to maintain the changes we’ve already made.

You might be wondering, where do I get some more motivation to store away for a rainy day? That’s a great question! Here are a few ways you can start to fill up your motivation bank:

  • Set small goals and catch yourself achieving them!  If fishermen only chased the big fish, the whole village would go hungry.  By setting up small goals for yourself, you can start to build confidence in your ability to make positive change, which helps build the momentum that will help you get to your big goals down the road.  Too often, we focus on how far we have left to go before reaching the big picture goals, and this only takes more money out of the bank.  Instead, try catching yourself doing little things right (like making it to the gym on a day when you felt like skipping or passing on dessert after dinner)! Keeping track of these successes, and celebrating progress towards your goals, no matter how small, can help you add a little extra motivation to your bank for days when staying strong can be difficult.
  • Be your own best friend!  If you catch yourself being negative, ask yourself if you would let your best friend talk to him or herself that way? We get discouraged and beat ourselves up when we feel like we should have done more, even though we’re working hard and trying to make good decisions!  By treating ourselves better, you have an opportunity to add a little extra positive energy into your piggy bank, helping to keep your balance in the positive.
  • Tuning in to different benefits!  Getting hung up on numbers (calories, what the scale says, etc.) can be one of the biggest drains on our bank.  While it provides one way to look at success, if we get too focused in on what they are saying, it becomes easy to miss all the other positive benefits of being active and eating healthy.  By shifting your perspective away from the numbers and identifying other ways your change has impacted your life, you can go a long way to keeping your piggy bank filled up.  What sort of things should you shift your focus towards?  Many of the folks in the program tell us that they sleep better, have more energy, experience less stress, and simply feel happier when they’re moving more and eating better.  None of these positives will show up on the scale, but by honoring these benefits, it becomes that much easier to continue the behaviors that have gotten you there!



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