If you want something

18 09 2012

Liz Gilchrist

The kids are back in school and now that summer is quickly coming to a close, I keep hearing the concern about colder weather and time management. I want to take a minute to get real about having a routine. It takes more than just the desire for change. It takes preparation and planning, which can be really hard for EVERYONE! In addition to the desire for change, needs to come a little insight into your thoughts. Let’s start with…

W: What is it that you want?

– To lose weight

– To become healthier

– To role model positive behavior for your family

– To take time for yourself

– To build confidence and feel better about yourself

Whatever the case may be, every member of the WMP is driven by some goal, some motivating factor that means something. All too often, we lose sight of the goal and are overridden by outside forces that can impact your ability to be active and accountable.

Quick Fix: Write your goals out! Post them on your refrigerator. Keep them in your car and carry them in your wallet or purse. Keep your goals in a place where you have to look at them EACH DAY. This will keep them fresh and in the forefront of your mind when you thinking about skipping a workout or hitting a drive-thru.

Next to consider is…

D: What are you doing to get there?

– Are you skipping workouts?

– Are you doing anything in addition to your time at the fitness center?

– Are you scheduling your workouts and planning your meals for the week?

– Are you setting your environment up for success and keeping healthy snacks at home?

– Are you asking from support when you need it?

My challenge is for you to really think about what you are doing to meet your goals. There may be some things getting you from point A to B, but probably not everything. The reason this is important is not to feel bad about what you’re NOT doing, but rather shed more light on what you CAN be doing to meet your goals?

Then ask yourself…

E: Is what I’m doing helping me to reach my goals?

Essentially, EVALUATE your plan of action moving forward. It often requires reflection about what we have been doing to realize what MORE we can be doing.

Finally, do something different…

P: Create a new plan

And start small. There is no reason to overhaul your whole life. That approach is not helpful, but also discouraging. Set small plans and goals that are attainable. Be specific and believe that you are worthy of taking such action. There is no better time than NOW!

To bring things full circle, life is going to get in the way. If you let life get in the way, it will be hard to meet your goals. Rather than relying on willpower, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT and prepare. Write out your goals and seek support! Schedule your workouts, spend a few minutes menu planning. Most importantly, know that CHANGE IS HARD, but YOU ARE WORTH THE WORK!

To review, think WDEP: What do I want? What am I doing to get there? Is my plan working (evaluate)? What is my new plan?




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