On the Road Again: Staying on Track During Work Travel

10 10 2012

Myia Welsh

Many participants I’ve been talking to are traveling for work. The fall can be a popular time for professional conferences. We’ve discussed staying on track during your vacation here on the blog, but work travel can be very different. Work travel often means long days spent sitting in meetings or trainings, sometimes with your meals and snacks provided for you. Sitting all day is one challenge, but having someone else chose the food provided for you adds a little more difficulty for staying on track.

Just like any other day, planning is a key component to success. Consider doing the following before you leave home:

  • Check out the facilities you’ll be staying at online. Is there a fitness center where you are staying? Does it have what you will need?
  • Be sure to pack your workout gear!
  • No fitness center? Check out some online resources for workouts that you can do anywhere – especially in your hotel room. Click here for an equipment free workout from the American College of Exercise.
  • Pack snacks! Arm yourself with foods that travel well: fruits, nuts, protein bars, peanut butter, and veggies that you enjoy raw.
  • Call ahead and request a fridge in your hotel room. This means you can haul additional healthy food in a cooler to stay on track.

Once you get to your destination, planning will still be important. Get a hold of the schedule of events. Think through the following:

  • When will you get in your exercise? Note it right on your event schedule.
  • Schedule too grueling to carve out an hour or so of exercise time? Walk on your breaks. If you took 4 quick 10 minute walks, you’ll get 40 minutes of physical activity. This will not only help you stay on track, but also help you stay fresh and focused.
  • Be picky about your food. Just because it’s served doesn’t mean you need to eat it. If you are in a buffet situation, go for the veggies first. Use the MyPlate guide to create your plate in a buffet setting, or to decide how much of which items you will eat at a catered reception.



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