Family Traditions

2 11 2012

Myia Welsh

Every week, program participants are working hard to create change in their lives by becoming more active. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to share some of those new habits with your family and friends by creating new traditions.

Every family has traditions. The special things you do during holiday time – foods you prepare and the things you enjoy together. Why not suggest something new this year to add to the mix?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Visit a museum, historical site or other local attraction after dinner. You’ll get out, walk a little and maybe even learn something new about where you live!
  • Sign up for a community run/walk. Lots of communities I’ve lived in host a “Turkey Trot” the morning of Thanksgiving. My husband and mother in law are avid runners, so we will run the short race, while the aunties and grandma do the walk. Then everyone is fired up to get on to the cooking!
  • Stage a backyard football game. And if you don’t like football, shoot some hoops. The losing team does the dishes!
  • Keep the little ones out of the kitchen with some games! Relay races can be done indoors or out. A fall scavenger hunt to collect leaves of all colors, acorns, pumpkins, etc. will keep them busy for at least an hour.
  • Too cold outside? How about an indoor “Gourd hunt”? Just like an Easter egg hunt, only using those small decorative gourds you can get from the grocery store.
  • Stuck in the kitchen? Turn on the radio and shake it! Those mashed potatoes will taste better if you’re dancing while you make them.

Use your imagination! Try something new this holiday season.

Your time with your family is precious, so make it fun. Twenty years from now, no one’s children are going to reminisce about (or even remember) that great TV show we all watched. They will talk about games played with their relatives and the time Grandpa showed them how to throw a great pass in the family football game.




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