What I’ve Learned…

11 01 2013
Liz Gilchrist

Liz Gilchrist

As my time with the Weight Management Program comes to end, I reflect on my experience with admiration for the more than 1,200 participants dedicated to living their highest quality of life and committed to making healthy lifestyle changes.

During my time here I have learned a great deal about healthy living and wanted to take a minute to pass along a brief synopsis of what works for me. As many of you know, I have traveled my own journey toward healthy living and have maintained a 50lb weight loss for about two years.

I was on a roller coaster of conflicting self-love/hate messages that left me feeling exhausted and setting unattainable goals. It was through my work with the WMP and you all as participants that taught me the basics to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

– Set small goals. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. If the goal seems overwhelming, it is too big. Feel good about your progress through baby steps.

– Track your food. It can be tedious, but it works! There are numerous tools available to make it less stressful.

– Be kind to yourself! Post an encouraging phrase to your fridge, on the background of your computer or phone, or in your vehicle to keep you motivated. Something as simple as “I am worth it” can be the boost you need.

– Make time for your workouts and yourself. Break it into 10 minute bouts if needed. Take 30 minutes for exercise each day.  Your family and health (both mental and physical) will thank you!

– Keep exercise clothes and shoes on hand at all times. Don’t miss the chance for a workout because are unprepared.

– Think progress, NOT perfection. It is impossible to always be on point at all times, so don’t dwell in a poor choice. It will only lead to additional less healthy choices.

– Above all else KEEP IT SIMPLE! Keep fruit, nuts, healthy bar options and water on hand in a pinch.

Again, it has been a wonderful and life changing experience working with the WMP.

I wish each and every participant nothing but the best moving into 2013 and beyond.




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