Can I run?

23 01 2013
Myia Welsh

Myia Welsh

I’ve recently spoken with a few participants in the Weight Management Program that have uncovered an interest in running.  As folks begin to get accustomed to doing cardiovascular exercise, many are increasing the intensity by incorporating running into their workouts. I’ve heard “I didn’t know I could run” from a surprising number of participants in the last few months, and that is FANTASTIC! The best part of my job here at the PEIA Weight Management Program is hearing about how participants are discovering they are capable of more than they thought they were.

However, running can be very intimidating. It certainly is to me. I anticipate it is not the everyday norm for many of our program participants either. So, let’s talk about running from the perspective of a “non-runner”.  I run – sometimes. It’s not my main exercise, so it’s something that I really only do to supplement other activity. I’m not graceful. I’m not very fast. Sometimes I just want a different exercise.

Wait…I can run?

Yes. You can. Not fast? You don’t need to be. Don’t have fancy running pants? You don’t need them. Don’t think you look like a runner? Who cares! The first thing that can hold us back is our own ideas about what we can and cannot do. So, take all those notions about who runners are and what they look like and toss them out. People of all shapes and sizes run. I’ve found some great inspiration on a website called This website and blog was created by a woman just like many of our program participants. She wanted to get healthier, and was curious about running. Her story is truly inspiring. Check out her downloadable running soundtracks for beginners that give you audio cues for when to run and when to walk.

Can I push a little harder?

Perhaps you have started incorporating running into your routine, and you’re starting to get a little curious about how much you can really do. Wonderful! Why not begin training for a short race? Local community races will begin popping up in the spring. They are usually fundraisers for a great cause in your community, and they are a great way to challenge yourself. Keep tabs on what is available in your area with the calendar at

How do I train for a race?

Lots of training information can be found on the internet. has great training schedules to complete a 5K and 10K races crafted for those that don’t have any running experience. It assumes no previous experience and incorporates walk breaks. It’s a great place to start.

Attitude is everything

This is one hundred percent true, especially with running. It’s a challenging exercise. Give it a shot with a positive attitude and you’ll likely be surprised by what you are capable of!




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