Maintain Don’t Gain 2012 Results!

2 04 2013

IMG_4673As you may recall we launched a “Maintain, Don’t Gain” contest for the recent holiday season prior to Thanksgiving. We have now compiled the results and wanted to share. Roughly 20% of current PEIA Weight Management Program participants signed up – that’s 280 people from 45 facilities around the state. We had full results of pre- and post holiday weight for 226 of those 280. The good news: 71% of you maintained or lost weight over the holidays! The great news: 681 pounds were lost!

The top four male and female percentage weight losers and four other successful weight losers selected at random will receive prizes. The top four females lost an average of 11% of their pre-holiday body weight – a remarkable 29 pounds per person! The top four males lost 6% per person – a total of 62 pounds. Of these eight men and women, 3 are from the Marshall Fitness Center, and one each is from Anytime Fitness in Cross Lanes, Bodyworks in Beckley, Nautilus in Cross Lanes, Lakeview Fitness Center in Morgantown, and the CAMC Weight Loss Center in Charleston. The most popular strategies used to make this happen were limiting portion sizes of favorite holiday dishes, drinking more water prior to eating, and exercising more. You should all be proud of your efforts over the holidays. As you know, it is not easy, but it is worth it!




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