Recipes….Our Secret Addiction….shhhh!

24 04 2013
Cathy Shaw

Cathy Shaw

We all want them. We’ve all got them. But what do we do with them? I’m talking about recipes of course. I don’t know about you, but I have a secret addiction to perusing through pages of delectable recipes, especially if there are beautiful pictures to go with them! I dream about being able to create the gourmet dishes I see in front of me. I imagine myself in my cozy kitchen whipping up a masterpiece for my family and friends. Then, I come back to reality. I don’t have all of those ingredients and I sure as heck don’t have all of that time! So what is a person hungry for a variety of healthy, quick, yet still amazingly delicious dishes to do?

Looking through recipes can stimulate our minds, as well as our appetites. Appealing recipes can increase our desire to create and try new healthy dishes that we may never have tried before. Who knew that asparagus could be totally delicious grilled with a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a pinch of garlic salt and cracked black pepper? Eating “diet food” all of the time can send us right into boring food burn out. So what’s the solution? Make a game plan to take on your tantalizing, terrific recipes!

  1. Pick a great web site or magazine that features healthy recipes such as Spark People, Cooking Light Magazine, or Taste of Home Healthy Cooking. Many of these also have e-versions that can be accessed from your mobile devices, and have the nutrition information for their recipes so that you can record them in your food logs. Check out the NEW section of our PEIA Weight Management Blog every Friday for our Recipe of the Week, where we pick out some of our favorite recipes to share with all of you!
  2. Pick just one recipe that you feel is manageable….not too many ingredients, and check the total preparation time. This way you don’t set yourself up to fail by having to buy ingredients you will never use and spending so much time in preparation that you quit before you even start.
  3. Check to see how much the recipe makes- will you need to freeze leftovers, or can they be managed with lunch meals or a “leftover night” for dinner (my personal favorite)?
  4.  If possible, get your family involved. Kids love the chance to make meal choices and help with meal preparation. They are also more likely to eat what they have helped prepare!
  5. Add any needed items for your recipe to your weekly grocery list- this way you are not making an extra trip. Check your pantry to make sure you are not buying something you already have. This should take you less than 5 minutes!
  6. Plan ahead for preparation.  A great way to tackle crock pot recipes is to chop veggies and cut up meat the night before to pop in the fridge. That way you can put it in the pot the next morning and turn it on. Voila! Dinner will be ready when you get home!
  7. Try to pick a new recipe at least every other week to keep variety and spice in your diet. This will help keep your palate happy and your motivation high!



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