Happy Halloween Folks!

29 10 2013

halloween-candyAs we close in on the big candy day, I thought it might be a good idea to post a link I found that relates to the temptations to overeat sugary snacks this time of year.  In the following article from WedMD, the authors discuss the large amount of empty calories that come with unhealthy chocolaty treats and tips to help you avoid the temptations of Halloween goodies, at home and the office.


Also, remember to keep your body moving!!  I try to always remind folks that this is the time of year when the sky and trees are their most beautiful!  Get yourself out of the house and walking around.  Kick some leaves!  Breathe the crisp fall air!  As the holidays roll closer, it is a good idea to think about calories in vs. calories out.  Encourage family and friends to get up and move with you! It’s a great way to compliment a hearty fall feast.




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