Success Story!

5 11 2013

Hi everyone! My name is Ali Shehl and I work as a Health Behavior Counselor with the PEIA Weight Management Program.  As we draw closer to the holiday seasons, I thought it would be great to share a success story.  These twoAli_Cropped participants are an example for us all!

Margie and Matthew admit to having a totally new outlook on life.  They are permanent fixtures at the Y and are branching out and trying new hobbies like tennis.  Margie and Matthew have both lost over 80lbs since January 2013.  Not only have they had excellent success with weight loss; but their strength, energy and endurance have skyrocketed!

Here is a short Q and A with this wonderful couple –

Q: What was the trigger that prompted you to join the WMP?

A: “During a time when Margie was experiencing back problems, she stepped on the scale and it read ‘392’.  That was when she knew she needed to make a drastic change in her life.  As for Matthew, the death of one of his best friends growing up from an obesity-related cause made him resolve that he would not let the same thing happen to himself or his wife.”

Q: What benefits have you seen from the WMP?

A: “The benefits we have seen from the program, other than obviously the feeing of being quite a bit lighter as we walk around, include: higher self-esteem, stronger awareness of the benefits of good nutrition and exercise, and a strong sense of personal satisfaction.  We have more confidence in each other and ourselves.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about the program?

A: “What we enjoy most about the program is working out together and meeting with our personal trainers.”

Q: What are your goals for completing the WMP?

A: “Our goals are to ultimately be 150 pounds (Margie) and 228 pounds (Matthew).  By the end of (2013), we resolve to be 292 pounds (Margie) and 278 pounds (Matthew).  Also, we look forward to being able to participate in more outdoor recreational activities and to fully enjoy ourselves on amusement park rides.”

Check out their before and after picture! Congratulations Margie and Matthew!! You are an inspiration!


MarSt afterAfter          MarSt before




2 responses

7 11 2013

I love you both so much and you make me so proud!!!!

5 11 2013

Congratulations Margie and Matthew! Keep up the great work, you are totally worth it! Never give up!

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