Surviving the Holidays – Wrap Up

16 12 2013

Nicole Martin, LPC

Nicole Martin, LPC

I hope everyone is staying warm and active during these wintry days.  Throughout the past few weeks our dietitian, Cathy Shaw, has been posting wonderful tips and recipes to help you manage your way through the holiday craze of cookies and stuffing.  I have also provided you with a handful of tips to offer support and guidance in the way of staying healthy and making good choices this holiday season.  This blog concludes my trilogy of Surviving the Holidays blogs and I hope you have found them useful and encouraging.

The final two Tips to Stay in the Game:

1.       Police your portions. Think through the buffet or snack tables.  Look at them and eye up the items that you really want to try and put small amounts on your plate.  Then walk away and enjoy them slowly while you interact with your friends and family.  At dinner, fill your own plate so you can be accountable for your portions.  Use a smaller plate (grab a salad plate or ask for a smaller plate prior to the start of the meal).  And skip the seconds!  Especially if you know you are going to try a dessert, know that you will have plenty to eat without seconds.

2.       Be realistic. The holiday season is a time for celebration.  With busy schedules and so many extra temptations, this is a good time to strive for weight maintenance instead of weight loss.  This will help you to be kind to yourself while making healthy and mindful decisions throughout the holiday season.

Thank you for letting us participate in your journey toward health and wellness.  Continue to treat yourself kindly and trust that you can make the changes that matter in your life and stick with them!




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