Love/Hate Relationship with Weight Loss Compliments?

17 01 2014

Couldn’t we all be like Mark Twain and “live on a good compliment for two weeks with nothing else to eat?”Ali_Cropped

Happy New Year! I hope everyone survived the holiday get togethers and family affairs. Many of you worked extremely hard to get to this point, hitting the gym a few extra nights a week and logging foods consistently. When it came time to meet up with those friends and families living in faraway places, did they notice the hard work you’ve put in over the last few months? How did you feel about the attention you received?

Although some may wish for those to notice their weight loss, others aren’t used to the attention being centered on them. Why may you ask? Well, for one thing, others see us much differently than we see ourselves. You may have lost a significant amount of weight, but still see that overweight individual in the mirror. Remember that we are indeed our own worst critics.

You’ve worked hard for your weight loss, and you’ve accomplished something that many people can’t understand or can’t even do!  Be proud of yourself! While all compliments aren’t phrased the greatest; remember most people have your best interest at heart.

Here are a few tips and ways to respond to all the compliments you are receiving:

• When asked, “Wow! How much weight have you lost?” Simply say, it’s less about the pounds and more about just being healthy.

• Think about the compliment being related to how much hard work you have put in versus your appearance. This may motivate you to work harder, because it is HARD work!

• A simple “thank you” and move on always works. No need to go into jokes about how you have more to lose or a full description on pounds lost, diet or exercise regimen.

• OWN IT! It may seem embarrassing and even sometimes a bit depressing to get that attention, but take pride in what you’re doing for yourself!

• Try to ENJOY the compliments. Soak up the positive attention. You’ve earned it. People will get used to the new you quickly. Remember they aren’t always going to pump you up with uplifting kudos.

• Use it as motivation. Sometimes the comments aren’t always that courteous to you. Use those to stoke the fire of your motivation!

Remember why you chose to enroll in the Weight Management Program. It’s for your own health and well-being, right?

Keep up the good work and keep energy levels high by exercising and eating right during the winter months!! Spring is just around the corner!




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