Summer Activity Series!

31 07 2014

Staying active during the summer months is a big concern for program participants. If you’re concerned with this too – you’re not alone!  Flexibility is Key in order to adapt and change with your surroundings. This can help up get the most out of your weight loss journey. A change in your schedule, the changing of the seasons, or even a change in weather from day to day; these little hiccups force us to be flexible on the way to reaching our goals. Summer time is no exception!

Consider some summer specific strategies: Series 1 of 3

Tip #1: Take It Outside

Summer is a great time to try new types of cardio while enjoying the fresh air. Instead of the same old indoor cardio, try making outdoor activities part of your workout routine. Here are some examples:

  • Instead of using a treadmill, try walking/running a loop around your town, on a trail or even around a sports field. There is an App that works with almost all smart phones called mapmyrun, which will track your distance, time, and speed of whatever loop you want to take around your town. It also finds routs in your area specific to the distance you want on the days you need a little more instruction. For more information on this App here is the mapmyrun site-


  • For all you hikers or potential hikers out there- here is a website that gives a list of different hiking trails throughout West Virginia State parks and Forests.


  • Instead of the rowing machine, try going kayaking or canoeing. Here are some resources that are located throughout the state of West Virginia that maybe helpful to some of
    you. This site provides descriptions, accommodations, fees and directions to different areas around the state for kayaking and canoeing- .  For the beginners out there, here are some guided tour that will give you information on guided canoe and kayaking tours in your area. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on your region.


  • For all of you who are looking for some adventure from your water aerobics classes, here is a website where you can find directions, facility information, and descriptions on scenic swimming holes around the state.


Stay tuned for the next tip in the series of 3!




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