A Change of Seasons = A Change of Schedules

13 08 2014

Sam Zizzi
As I write this, I can feel the impending surge of work and joy that the next month will bring as WVU starts a new semester and my kids start their next year in school. I have lists of tasks that are starting to get a little ridiculous, and I realized that my summer eating and exercising plans will have to be adapted to fit the new rhythm of this new season. I wonder – have you considered how your schedule and habits might need to adjust as well?

I am not ready to give up on summer, so don’t panic. I suppose technically we do have about 5 weeks of summer left and at least two months of good weather and evening daylight. So I am not talking about weather changes, but rather life and time availability changes. Do those evening walks or bike rides still fit? Will the Saturday morning trip to the gym still fit with new kids activities? How will busy duty or after school travel affect your gym or dinner plans? As you might know, any new habits formed in the last few months can easily slip backwards with any new stressor or transition. But if you can anticipate any upcoming barriers and form a plan to step around them, you might keep going. So, try this:

1) Spend a few minutes today sketching out the changes in your schedule that might happen in the next 30-60 days.
2) Identify specific barriers these changes might create to your exercising or eating plans.
3) Develop a strategy to side step each barriers so you can stay confident and keep your momentum going.

Sometimes you cannot remove barriers, but you can plan ahead to reduce their impact. These simple strategies can help you keep moving forward with your health goals by fitting them into the “flow” of life.

Enjoy the sun and warmth.




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