Summer Activity Series! Tip #2

25 08 2014

Summer Activity Series!
Welcome back to tip number 2 of the summer activity series. As summer starts to wind down and students return to school, the gyms may start to fill up with additional people making your workouts harder to push through. Looking outside the box for more unconventional ways of exercising can be a great way to take advantage of what summer weather we have left. One of the most important things to remember is to always change up your workouts and keep them fun! This will keep you from becoming bored with your workouts and will keep your body guessing to what is coming next. And remember, these workouts are meant to be in ADDITION to the minimum 8 visits the gym per month; so challenge yourself! YOU CAN DO IT!

Series 2 of 3

TIP #2: Find a Playgroundhqdefault

Remember when exercise meant taking your two-wheeler out for a glory ride, chasing fireflies, or playing kickball on the playground? As a kid you did not head out to the
playground looking for a workout but you were unquestionably getting one. For those of you who have kids or are just a kid at heart, this may be an easy way to switch up your routine and still get a killer workout done. Here are some links for some great playground workouts for you to try especially right now when the weather has started to cool a bit; and the best part is, it’s FREE!

Remember!  Additional consideration for safety should be made before all playground workouts.

  • Always bring water with you in order to keep you and anyone else with you hydrated.
  •  Wearing sunscreen is a great way to protect you on sunny days. Wearing hats or sunglasses can also provide additional protection from the sun.
  •  Before starting your workout check the surroundings and playground equipment in order to make sure there are no dangerous materials, such as broken glass or any broken equipment that could cause injuries during your workout.
  •  Always bring a towel (or two) in order to wipe off any wet surfaces to prevent slips and falls. They are also great to wipe off any sweat you produce from the killer workout you are about to have!

By Kelly Stubna MPH, Health behavior Coach




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