Summer Activity Series! Tip #3

22 09 2014

Summer Activity Series!

Welcome to the last tip of the Summer Activity Series. School has started, and everyone is getting back into a routine, but the weather is still warm! For those of you who still have a vacation coming up or have started to think about trips to take for the holidays this tip is very important!

Series 3 of 3

TIP #3: Don’t fear your vacation…. Tackle it!

Some people worry they will fall out of their fitness routine while on vacation, but simply changing how you think of your vacation can make all the difference. For some, viewing their vacation as a challenge to see how well you can use the new habits and tools from the program gives them enough motivation to stay active and make healthy food choices.   For all the others who are not motivated by a challenge you may need to arm yourself with some strategies and plan ahead in order to stay on track. With a little bit of discipline, planning and determination your vacation could be what you need to keep your workouts interesting.

Some examples of challenging yourself to stay active while on vacation can include: Taking a long walk on the beach at a brisk pace, hiking through a mountain trail  which will give you the opportunity to explore your surroundings and see the local sights while enjoying your cardio session in a new way, swimming in the pool with your kids or simply doing laps for a great heart pumping workout, and always remember, when in doubt you can always create workouts that do not require equipment, (see below for an example).

Some important tips to help you get ready for an active vacation are:

  1. Pack your resistance band or any other equipment you may want to bring with you.
  2. Download some new tunes! Creating a new playlist full of up-beat music will help motivate you to work up a sweat before starting or ending your days.
  3. Wear your sneakers! I have heard every excuse in the book for not exercising while traveling. The most common one is “I forgot my sneakers.” Wearing your sneakers when traveling to your vacation destination can not only save you room in your suitcase but make taking the stairs or walking longer distances easier and more comfortable.
  4. Workout early. Unless you are an early bird, many people enjoy sleeping in on their vacations. Working out directly after waking (whether that be 8am or 11am) is typically the time when you will have the most motivation to workout. Use this to your advantage. PIC

By Kelly Stubna, MPH, Health Behavior Counselor




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