The Times They Are a Changin’

7 11 2014

Sam ZizziThis time of year always confuses my family’s rhythm. This week, my school-aged children have been up before 6am quite a few times, and our after dinner trips to the park are a thing of the past. This change to shorter daylight hours can impact a variety of activities, and the perceived time available to fit in trips to the gym or grocery store. So, are you ready to change your rhythm to fit the season?

Naturally, our schedules lead us to be indoors more often during these cooler months and weather will start to play a factor in some of our travels to and from our favorite locations. When we combine this barrier with the addition of holiday luncheons, dinners, and parties, we have the double whammy of increased opportunities to consume more calories while also being less active.

Though we all share this barrier, how we respond differs dramatically. Some participants throw their hands up in the air and say “its just too hard this time of year to be healthy” or “I will just start over in January/Spring” These excuses won’t get you far, and they stand in the way of your successful path to a healthier you – so why are you holding onto them? Drop them like a tree sheds its leaves this time of year! A new problem requires a new plan.

Personally, I reluctantly take my walks and jogs inside or find more clothing to put on for outdoor pursuits. When the sun does shine, I am out there! I am more focused on getting my noontime exercise in (on the weekdays) so I can spend time with my family after work. And I make sure to find time on the weekends to get outdoors or to the gym and to the grocery store. I watch my portions in the evenings and at holiday events. I share my favorite desserts with my wife or kids. I focus on people instead of food at holiday parties. These strategies help me turn this difficult time of year into a win-win for my family and my health. By developing a few new strategies, you might find that your holiday season goes more smoothly than previous years.

So, what can you do differently to adapt to this new rhythm?




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