Don’t let “the Creep” get you!

24 12 2014

Good news is, the amount of weight you gain over the holidays is probably less than you perceive, so says the New England Journal of Medicine  In another article in Psychology Today, they had similar findings to report.  “They found is that people thought they were gaining four times as much as they actually had gained! Fewer than 10% of their sample actually gained over five pounds. Most had gained less than a pound.” (   The predicted 1.05lb. gain, however, though it may not sound like much, can add up year after year if you don’t lose it!  So, hope do you keep in control?

  • Deal with your stress NOW.  While the holidays are a great time of year with family and friends, we are often run ragged with prepping food, buying and wrapping gifts, and traveling here and there to visit loved ones.  If you do not set aside some time each day to center yourself, it is very easy for your stress to lead to poor decisions, especially when it comes to food.  Get to the gym, go for a brisk walk, meditate, stretch, pray, knit…whatever is restorative for you.  Allow the craziness to subside for a few minutes and focus on your inner needs.
  • Try to be consistent.  Gravity of Weight.  This phenomenon implies that how much people think they are eating and how much they are actually eating can differ greatly, resulting in over-consumption.
  • Make it about socialization, not intoxication (both food and drink implied).  Have a plan to focus on the present moment and spend quality time with those around you.  Ask the cousins you haven’t seen in a while to go for a walk to see the Christmas lights, engage the kids in a game of Twister (and you play too!), have a family Carol-a-Thon.  Engaging in activities other than sitting and chatting surrounded by food and drink will decrease temptation and improve choices overall…and improve your chances of AVOIDING THE CREEP!!


Happy Happy Holidays!  Celebrate safely!!


Stephanie R. McWilliams, M.A.

Health Behavior Counselor




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