It’s a New Year, Make it Different!

16 01 2015

The holidays are over and the New Year has begun. Many of you have resolutions you would like to complete and the motivation from a new beginning to do so. Before we dive into ways to find inspiration, let’s look back to last year. Reflecting on your past is important this time of year in order to identify what went right and what went wrong.  Not to focus on the negative, but by learning from past mistakes and planning for the challenges ahead, success is a much more likely possibility.  Ask yourself these next couple question and write down your answers:decision-making-process

  1. What resolutions did I have last year?
  2. What actions did I take to complete those?
  3. When did my actions to complete my resolutions stop?
  4. Why did my actions stop? (Be honest with yourself!)

Now you can start to see discrepancies between your goals and the actions you took or did not take to complete them. So the next question is what makes this year different? What can you do to make sure you do not repeat the same ‘start resolution- lose motivation- stop resolution’ sequence of events? Make new decisions to find motivation.

Finding motivational inspiration can be difficult, but there are three actions you can take to help you find all the motivation you need to reach your goals. I challenge you to try them!

  1. The Decision to get uncomfortable

What does this mean exactly? It means you push past your comfort level in every area. How hard to you usually push yourself on the elliptical or treadmill? Go Harder. How much do you love/hate the bike? Change machines. How much do you love your exercise class you have always gone to? Try a new one. How much do you love working out at home? Change your scenery. Know that as awesome as your exercise routine is now… the best is yet to come. Making the conscious decision to be uncomfortable physically and mentally is something I can bet was not done last year….

  1. Research

This means getting involved with NEW things in your life. This could be done in an assortment of different ways such as: visiting new classes to see how intense they are, working additional time with the trainer, searching online for new workouts at home or new healthy recipes, etc. Doing some real life research into what options your have available to you can ward off motivational pitfalls caused by boredom. If you practice these and other ways to find what is out there you will never be able to use boredom as an excuse to quit.

  1. Consistency and Persistence

Just how Rome was not built in a day, neither were those fit bodies at the gym you may be hoping for. Stay the course, write down your measurements each month, don’t be afraid to ask for additional help when your trainer is not there, and always remember… be patient! Your hard work will pay off. Just because you may not see results in your appearance as quickly as you want, does not mean changes are not happening inside of your body (i.e. cholesterol and blood pressure levels).

Always remember the choice to succeed is yours. Making excuses will not remove that responsibility from your shoulders.  Reflection on past actions and making these decisions to change is a great start to a different approach to your goals.


Kelly Stubna, MPH

Health Behavior Coach





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