Success Markers, Make Some!

12 02 2015

Usually around this time of year the excitement of New Years resolutions is starting to wear off and motivation is starting to become harder to find. It is at this point that finding success markers are crucial to keep your momentum going. Here are some gym specific success markers that you can keep in mind in order to stay on track with your journey:


  1. Accountability– An accountability partner is something EVERYONE needs, if you don’t have one…find one! This is someone you can rely on to commiserate with on how sore you are or better yet, share your successes. Tell them what you need, do you need someone to call and wake you up in the morning? Do you need them to meet you at the track, park, or gym? Do you need someone who will call you once a week to see how your workouts are going? Accountability partners do not have to be people who go to the gym with you (though that does help) they just have to be a person you rely on and will commit to helping you by holding you accountable. So be specific with the person you choose and don’t be afraid to let them know what you need.
  2. Keep a written journal– There are lots of different ways to track your workouts. If you want to track your progress through how much weight you lift there are many different kinds of notebooks that will offer a place to enter your weight, reps, and sets. These journals will also offer a place to track your cardio sessions. These can usually be found in gyms, sporting good stores, and even Walmart carries them. If nothing else, buy a regular notebook and record your workouts however you like–Get a Journal!
  3. Education– learning to be comfortable in the gym environment is very important if you expect to be successful. Learning how to use the machines, weights, and cardio equipment are the first steps you should take, grab your trainer or any other fitness professional to help you learn how to do each exercise.
  4. Goals– determine your goals, make sure they are measurable, write them down, post them on your mirror, be grateful for your ability to move and be active, then go FIGHT for what you want. Always remember, your efforts are a DIRECT reflection on the efforts you put in. Tell your accountability partner about your goals so they will know what you are striving to reach.
  5. Measured successes– Successes from exercise come in all different forms. Performance based goals are measured through activities you preform, such as, how fast you can finish a mile, or how many push ups you can do in one minute. Make sure you and your trainer are measuring these successes, especially if the weight is not coming off as fast as you would like. Muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance are also measurements of success that you and your trainer or accountability partner can be tracking. These can be revealed through tests like the 1 rep max tests (Strength) which MUST be administered with a trainer, repeat to failure exercises (endurance) , sit and reach tests (flexibility) , and a 3 minute step test (Cardio endurance).

Always remember there are other markers of success you can be tracking to better gauge your progress than just the number on the scale. Keeping these in mind for the parts of the year when your motivation is low or when you feel you are not progressing, can be just the thing to keep you on track and headed towards your goals!

Let me know how what your success markers are!

10247326_10102232512583939_6300324526832262431_nKelly Stubna, MPH

Health Behavior Specialist





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