Redefining Success

18 02 2015

How do you define success? If you are like many people, numbers play a big part of your definition. The number of dollars in your bank account? The number of years of education you have completed? How about the number on the scale or your clothing size? By only focusing on the hard numbers, we may just be missing out on other very important aspects of success. While in the weight management program, we hope to see a decrease in pounds and inches over time. Those changes, however, might not be made evident right away for some. So how else can we define progress, and ultimately, success?  path of success

How about your endurance? Are you able to walk or jog further than you were a month ago? Can you make a trip up and down the stairs without feeling out of breath? Those are successes. How about your energy? Do you feel more awake, alert, alive throughout your day? Do you have more to give to family, friends, or your children? Those are successes! Are you able to sleep longer, and more soundly? Do you feel like you’re better able to manage your stress? Those are definitely successes!!

I encourage you to take the time to ponder what successes you’ve had in the last day, week, or month. What are the small things that you tend to overlook? Write them down, make Post-it notes and put them on your bathroom mirror or on your refrigerator, or even keep a success journal. Reminder self that you are making progress, even if it might be more slowly than you would like. Remind yourself that when you put effort in, good things happen. Keep track of those good things, and let them fuel your motivation as you move forward. Let those successes act as reminders on days to come that may be a bit more difficult.success block

While you may be in the weight management program for a year or two, it is a lifelong process to stay healthy. We all need reminders, no matter how much knowledge or experience we have. Keep reminding yourself that you are successful, and those successes may be big or small, but they are all worth your attention. They add up, and each acts as one of the building blocks to the bigger picture of a stronger healthier YOU!


by Stephanie R. McWilliams, M.A.

Health Behavior counselor




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