It May Be Time to Change the Track…Making “Self-Talk” More Productive (and Positive!)

13 06 2015

The thoughts going through our heads on a daily basis, minute to minute, second to second, can be quite impactful. They can effect our life experience on many levels. Put even more simply, your “self-talk” can either enhance or put a damper on your day. So how can we increase the former and decrease/eliminate the latter?  Image result for self talk image

Ask yourself, how do I treat myself in my own mind? Am I my own worst critic? If yes, is that strategy helping me reach my goals? (Hint: probably not!). How can I improve my self-talk dialogue? Change the track!

1. Reaffirm your goals. Decide what is important to you and why you were doing what you were doing.

2. Think about what inspires you! Allow that to help you develop your mantra. Maybe it’s “I AM strong” or “I AImage result for self talk imageM confident”, or maybe it’s more personal like “I CAN be a great example for my children”.  Using positive language (instead of the negative, “I shouldn’t” or “I don’t”) is key here.

3. Use that mantra to inspire you, more than once a day. Put a note on your refrigerator, or on your bathroom mirror. Have a message scrolling on the screen of yourself own.

4. Have other means of inspiration. Perhaps music drives you to Push a little harder when you’re up against a deadline, or enjoy times with friends and family more thoroughly, or simply relax after a tough day at work. Find “your song “and have it available whenever possible. Put on your headphones for three minutes and refocus. Remember what inspires you and what can help drive you to be successful.

5. Write it down. If for nothing else than proof that it happened! Regardless of the progress you are making, it is likely that there are successes hiding out in your daily activities. Bringing the focus to the positive at the end of each and every day can help you change yourself talk on a more regular basis. Practice makes perfect 🙂

by Stephanie R. McWilliams, M.A., Health Behavior Counselor




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