Who inspires you, and who might you inspire?

15 06 2015

As I was 7 miles into a 12 mile trail raceSam Zizzi, with way too many hills, I paused for moment to wonder “how did I get here!?”

Just a year ago, I would have considered running such a distance ridiculous and absurd. So, how did I get here you ask . .. by just following the lead of my lovely wife. She dove headfirst into running to re-claim her body after giving birth to our two daughters about 6 years ago. Since then she has run many road races ranging from 5ks to half-marathons. She asked me a few years ago, “when are you going to do one with me?” . .. and my reply “Someday.” Well last Fall, I ran out of good excuses and managed my first half marathon (in Monongah, WV) after several months of training. She didn’t nag me into, she just showed me the way. And what I found along the crooked path has been interesting.

I have learned to not react to every ache and pain encountered during a run. The pain comes and goes. I have learned that, just like moments of your life, some runs suck and some are amazing. It also turns out that a “running date” can be pretty great, though a little different than dinner and a movie. I have learned that running gets easier the more you do it. I have learned that I really like running in the woods.

Neither of us is what you would call “fast”, and it really doesn’t matter. We feel good. We feel strong. Our kids watch us make time to be active, and they join us at events. We walk, hike, and bike together regularly. Being active has become part of our family’s DNA.

So, I wonder – who is your inspiration and have you thanked them? (Thanks Liz!)

Or, if you keep it up or take it up a notch with your workouts, who might notice and be pulled forward by your example? Maybe another gym member, or your sister, or your son will see your example and start something new. And it doesn’t have to be running – it can be walking, biking, weight training, or an exercise class. Even if no one notices, effort put into physical activity is always effort well spent. Exertion of energy leads to more strength, more energy, more activity. It lets your body know it is supposed to move. Lack of exercise leads to less energy, less confidence, less strength.

Here’s hoping you can re-start or renew your efforts to be active, and perhaps be inspired by (or inspire) someone close to you.




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