When in doubt…FOCUS!

21 01 2016

What will you fill your plate with?

When you hear the word “diet” you probably think of restriction, fasting, no more chocolate! Diet really has become one of those four letter words we do not enjoy saying or hearing. Our diet really should refer to fuel, however. I know with the amount of things that we try to avoid it’s difficult to think of it that way.

What sort of fuel does your body need? Do you need more energy, strength, or greater concentration? What you’re taking in is likely impacting all of those elements in your daily life. But let’s get back to the central point of this blog…FOCUS. Perhaps instead of saying “no more chocolate”, or “no more fast food”, your focus should be on what you CAN/SHOULD be consuming.   eat to promote your health

If your Registered Dietitian has recommended more protein, focusing on taking in that extra bit each day and how you’re going to do that will likely be beneficial for your overall well-being. It may also help you be a bit distracted from the things that you are trying to avoid, such as sweets. If your RD has recommended more vegetables, try and think about all of the creative ways you can accomplish that. Are there recipes that you’ve been anxious to try? Are there any vegetables that you’ve never sample before that you may enjoy? Perhaps just looking at it from a new angle will make the transition easier.

eat more of these and less of theseSo in general, thinking of the situation from the perspective of what you can do or what you should do to make it the best situation possible is much more productive than focusing only on the things that you’re trying to avoid or eliminate. As productive, motivated, and capable individuals, we all have a lot on our plates (no pun intended)! What are you going to fill your plate with?


Stephanie R. McWilliams, M.A., Health Behavior Counselor





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