Reflect on Success…write it down!

3 02 2016

So this is a spinoff of a previous blog on how you define success ( welcome to success The basic message being the scale is only one part of the equation. Hopefully you’ve noticed that in this program you are making changes that are affecting your day-to-day life. Maybe you have more energy, better focus at work or at home, more endurance, just to name a few change you may have observed.

Regardless of how much success you are having, however, there are bound to be difficult days or even weeks. One of the best ways to keep motivation high and keep your focus where it needs to be is to reflect on the successes you’ve already had. Hearing success stories of other participants or of celebrities may boost you up a bit, but they’re not necessarily tangible to you. Their story may be drastically different from yours in one or many ways.

Creating a resource for yourself that helps you not only keep your eye on the prize (goes back to what your goals are), but can also serve you well when you’re feeling especially challenged, is a success journal. By writing down on a daily basis the things that went RIGHT that day, it makes it a bit more clear all of the effort that you’re putting in to this life change. It does not have to be pretty, or poetic, or even in complete sentences…the journalidea is that you are allowing yourself a bit of time to appreciate the progress you’ve made and to make it tangible by writing it down. Perhaps it was a piece of clothing fitting better, or drinking that extra glass or 2 of water, or making it up and down the stairs without feeling winded. Looking back on the successes you have experienced can be a huge motivator on days where you’re feeling less than 100%.  You’ve already done something to help you reach your goals, small setbacks can’t take that away!


by Stephanie R. McWilliams, Health Behavior Counselor




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