ONE STEP BETTER…each choice can help bring you closer to your goals

9 03 2016

Identify your current behaviors…and be honest!  Owning up to the things you typically do well and not-so-well is a starting point from where you can chart your journey of forward progress. Without identifying current behaviors, improvement opportunities can be easily missed. This lack of insight makes it easy to fall into the bottomless pit of repeated poor choices and feelings of failure. Even a slight positive shift in behavior can bring enormous satisfaction and positive momentum. It can be really difficult to know where to begin, what to do, what needs to be modified or even, what is perfect as is but you’ve been unaware it was an asset.Journey Lao Tsu

As you are tracking behaviors throughout your day, perhaps with a FitBit or My Fitness Pal, pen and paper or even just some additional awareness, think “how can I make this choice one step better”? The difference between a 15 minute and a 20 minute walk, or sodapop versus water at lunchtime…its important to realize that small alterations can result in big changes.

This ‘one step better’ approach should also feel much more manageable, keeping anxiety and fear in check and allowing for immediate successes. Those little successes throughout each can add up in a big way.

One stepSo what steps will you choose to take?

Want a little more insight? Check out this link on the Stages of Change!


by Stephanie R. McWilliams, M.A.., Health Behavior Counselor




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