Helping to Change Your H-App-its.

30 03 2016

Recently, there have been many questions directed towards the benefits of using apps for behavior change and weight loss. Though there are studies showing pros and cons of using apps, I believe they can help you with your journey and wanted to give some top picks…so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect app. I have done that for you!


Focus= behavior change

This app is great for helping you commit those pesky new health actions to habit. What makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that money is on the line! Yep, that’s right…you have the chance to earn, or lose money with this app. If you complete a task you make a pact to do you will earn, and if you fail to do the action entered, then you will lose money. It is a great motivating tool that could help (or hurt) your bottom line. – Warning, this app is only for people serious about changing their life!500x_custom_1262702815657_apps


Focus= making food shopping easier

This app is probably one of the best tools you could have while learning what foods are healthy and how to read nutrition labels.  The app lets you scan labels on food and then grades the food based on its ingredients so you can see what grade of ‘healthy’ the food may be. It will even let you compare different products and give better options after you scan the foods- making buying healthy groceries easy!


Focus= productivity…remembering the little things

Balance is about just that… balance. For those of us who struggle to prioritize all the little things in life, this app is great to help you make time for each action you want to start, or make more of a priority. You can focus on nutrition and exercise, mental wellness and self-exploration, time spent with people who make you happy, or all of them combined. It will send reminders and keep a running list of things you’ve done and what you still have to do.

I hope you will take a look at one, or all of the apps mentioned here. Finding new tools to use can be a useful form of motivation and keep things interesting while trying to change your habits and life for the better. Please let us know which one you liked best or if there is another one that makes your journey just a little easier!

Kelly Stubna, MPH
Health Behavior Coach



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