“Spring”-ing into Action

13 04 2016

TSam Zizzihe time has finally arrived that we have been dreaming of for months now. The sun is out and the green is covering over the gray from the winter. Let’s try to forget that snow that happened last weekend . . .

This change of seasons is a wonderful time of year to renew or strengthen your efforts to be physically active by yourself, or with friends or family. The season provides early morning daylight and longer evenings to be outside. So, what are you waiting for? Here are a few tips to get you moving, or to increase how much you are moving:

  1. When possible, use your breaks to walk outside. Research has shown that brisk walks as short as 5-10 minutes can lead to 1-2 hours of increased mood and energy.
  2. Consider walking meetings a few times a week. I am lucky because we have a walkable trail outside our offices that I often use to turn a sit-down meeting into a walking meeting. Usually, all I do is put on my extra pair of running shoes and head out the door (I leave these shoes in the office for these moments). Meetings always seem better outside.
  3. Turn your kids’ practices or meetings into your activity time. Like many of you, I spend some of my week shuffling children to various meetings or practices, and these activities can get be a barrier to your own exercise. However, with a little planning, these moments when you are stuck at a field or at church can become your own time too! For example, my children have Sunday school for an hour after church each week, and I have developed the habit of running during that time. All I have to do is bring a change of clothes and I can sneak in about 45 minutes of activity while they go to class (instead of sitting and checking my phone, which is what most parents do). This choice makes my Sunday a happier and healthier day!
  4. Ask your personal trainer for outdoor exercise options so you can add a fun, outdoor day to your weekly workout plan. These options can be a simple as walking outdoors for 30 minutes each day. But you may also want to add in a few strength training movements to help you add intensity to these workouts. Or not. You have the ability to build a plan that works for you and keeps you motivated on the long-term.

There is a lot of energy in the air in springtime, and I hope you can use this energy to strengthen your active lifestyle so you feel your best all year long.




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