Silver Lining to Open Enrollment Blues

19 05 2016

It’s open enrollment time for PEIA members. While pouring over your summary plan description may not be your idea of fun, this is also a great time to review the other Wellness Benefits that PEIA offers its members.

Insurance sponsored Wellness Benefits are a wonderful perk! PEIA offers additional support for those dealing with:

  • Diabetes
  • Sleep issues
  • Hemophilia

More information about those programs can be found here:

Additionally, the PEIA Pathways to Wellness Program offers workplace fitness classes, lifestyle coaching, a gym membership discount program, and more! Pathways to Wellness has regional consultants assigned to each county in the state, and they are a wealth of knowledge that can connect you to local resources based on your health needs and interests. Truly, a treasure  trove of goodies! You can find out more about the PEIA Pathways to Wellness program here:


Myia Welsh

Myia Welsh, MSW, Program Supervisor, PEIA Weight Management Program






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