Success Story

19 05 2016

Today, I am posting a success story because I believe this individual deserves some recognition and I hope this post will encourage others to share their success stories.

Meet Gretchen!


Though, Gretchen had a history of Yo-Yo dieting  and inactivity , she decided to joined the Weight Management Program in July of 2015. She choose the  HIT Center in Huntington as her main facility and communicated clearly to the health professionals about her need of nutritional direction and accountability.

Since Gretchen started her weight loss journey she has lost 100lbs and dropped from a size 28 to a size 18! Gretchen’s weight loss was not an overnight transformation, but rather a journey of hard work, consistency, and determination. When asked how she did it, Gretchen stated “Basically I’ve used everything offered in the program. Trainers, nutritionist, counselor, newsletter, website, blog, recipes. The weekly emails – I read them and try to do the challenges. I don’t hesitate to ask for help.”

Click Here to see the video created by the Huntington HIT Center of Gretchen’s success!


We also asked Gretchen what her tips would be for others in this program. They include:

-“Use all the resources available.”

-“Have a support system; can include coworkers, friends, family.”

-“Have a workout buddy. If someone is expecting you at a certain time you are more likely to go.”

-“Clean out the food in the house. If junk isn’t there you can’t eat it.”

Congratulations Gretchen, keep you hard work!!

Keep in mind this is just one example of what success could look like. However, success comes in many forms, and can look very different from person to person. If you have any questions about your success please don’t hesitate to contact the program for help!

Kelly Stubna, MPH, Health Behavior Coach, Weight Management Program




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