Are You Fighting With Your Food?

4 11 2016


As I contemplate the many reasons that I was led to my profession, and the challenges we face in healthcare daily when it comes to nutrition and health, I can’t help but think about my family….the family kitchen, the family table, and what food really means to me. How it has shaped my life, given me nourishment, comfort, tradition, and love through my family’s table. Today I was searching for on line resources for one of my patients who is interested in taking a nutrition class, and came across a class from Stanford. This information led me to a TED Talk. I am not fond of all of these talks, but this one really struck a chord. I hope you watch it, and that it strikes a chord with you too.

I often talk to my clients about the importance of “real” food, meal planning, and cooking in their own kitchen. Many don’t cook, or cook very little. Many perceive that they don’t have time to cook. But many are willing to try. Willing to start with a small plan to cook once or twice a week. And once they accomplish that, then they feel good about doing it more often. They realize that it doesn’t have to be a burden or a chore; that it doesn’t have to be rocket science. They come to the realization that they are “fighting” less and less with their food. They tell me that preparing their own healthy foods has made them feel better both physically and mentally…sometimes even spiritually! Some notice that food has brought their families closer, or broadened the horizons of their children. They are less apt to “fight” with nutrients, and more willing to look at food in a broader light. Healthy foods can be beautiful, delicious, and enticing. Many will tell me they feel good about what they eat, and have gotten over the guilt they feel surrounding food. Even if they don’t lose a pound (but of course most do), I think this is a pretty amazing accomplishment.

Today I wish you the same love of food and the family table that I have in my life.  Please enjoy the TED talk below and let me know what you think…..#realfood #nomorefoodfights

~Cathy Shaw, RD,LD is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist for the PEIA Weight Management Program




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