Get Motivated, Get Moving

17 02 2017

Instant gratification- in today’s society it is a mainstay of life. However, although we may want instant gratification, it is in some cases very hard to attain, and if attained, hard to maintain. For example, some fad diets promise unrealistic goals in very little time with no real effort. Is this a realistic lifestyle change or a promise, which will go unfulfilled or last only a couple weeks? A lifestyle change takes commitment, effort and time. It also takes motivation to begin to move forward, which leads me to the topic of this blog.

As I was talking to participants this February, a certain topic came to the forefront of the conversation time after time: the ability to motivate themselves. Some reasons for a lack of motivation included: the cold gray weather as well as stagnation in weight loss and/or some weight gain. The question is what motivates us to achieve our goals. The answer is different for everyone, and you have to pick something that works for you. There are, however, some general guidelines to what best helps motivate people.

Many of us have workout friends-those individuals who go with us to the gym and participate in exercise making it tolerable or even fun. That we are in this together helps to motivate some people to a result of success. Another motivation booster is an event: the big wedding coming up, the summer vacation or the ocean cruise. These are all events in which we want to look and feel our best, so this can help motivate us to change. Lastly, someone who we deeply admire or love can help motivate us to do great things.

For me, my motivation has always come from a person who I loved and admired, my mother. My mother developed non-smoking lung cancer at the age of 49. She was a non-smoker and had no symptoms except for a cough; however, when she was finally diagnosed the cancer had spread throughout her body. She was an avid exerciser and healthy eater in her adult years. She remained steadfast and positive throughout her illness, and three months after being diagnosed with terminal cancer she ran a 10k race. She continued her fight for almost a year, at the end knowing the outcome but still persevering to get well. Her death was the most adversity I have ever faced in my life. However, her strength, positivity and enduring spirit has set a precedent in my life. I can never give up and will always do my best to accomplish my goal no matter what. This is my strongest motivation to always do my best to succeed.

In closing, whatever motivates you to reach the top of the mountain is what you should use to succeed in whatever your goal may be in your future. So the next time you need motivation, think about what makes  you your best and use that to motivate you through your journey.


Jessica Woodfork, MA, NCC, LPC

Health Behavioral Specialist




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