For Providers

This page contains important program documents as well as several educational podcasts to help program staff members and service providers understand best practice guidelines for enrolling, managing, and interacting with participants. To access a variety of useful patient education materials that you can share with your weight management participants, please visit the Handouts tab above.

2015 Training Materials

Program Delivery Materials

RD Resource Materials

Is the Weight Management Program Right for You?

This short podcast will help interested PEIA Preferred Provider Benefit members decide if they want to invest the time and effort necessary for this outstanding program.

Best Practices for Helping Participants Lose Weight

This presentation provides an overview of several evidence-based strategies for participants can start and maintain health eating and regular physical activity.

What is Health Behavior Counseling?

This brief podcast is designed to help diet and fitness professionals become familiar with the work of WVU’s health behavior counselors. Understanding each others’ roles will allow us to work together in a coordinated care model to help participants achieve their health goals.

Compassionate Care for WMPs

This podcast provides some suggestions for treating WMPs with compassion on their journey to a new lifestyle. Their progress may be slow and change is difficult, and its our job to support them as best we can.


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